Thank you, Jim rohn

On December 5th, Jim Rohn Passed away.

I never got a chance to meet him or thank him personally for the profound effect he had on my life …so I’ll share my gratitude here on this blog with you.

Back in 2001 or so, a friend enrolled me in an MLM called “Nature’s Own”. I didn’t make a dime, unfortunately.

But I *did* discover a man who’s words would change my life forever. That man was Jim Rohn.

While I was enrolled in “Nature’s Own”, I had a job as a salesman of general everyday goods, though a very high quality, like cleaning products, Food suplements, skin and Hair Care products.
My job was to learn the products to know and then recommend the ones I liked myself to others.

I was horrible at it, though I still use some of the products to this day.

Anyway – I spent a ton of time reading about the products and asked the girl whom had “sponsored” my friend into “Nature’s Own” if I could borrow some training tapes to listen to.

Amongst others there was an audio CD of Jim Rohn’s called ”Building Your Network Marketing Business”.

After listening to this, it gave me a whole new understanding of what it means to make building a business.
So I got a hold of a some more Audio CD’s and books from him and was constantly reading or listening to him, in the bus, train, car or just walking around.

Jim Rohn mostly didn’t really teach marketing or sales stuff. Instead, he taught common sense based approaches to making yourself a better person, increasing your value in the marketplace, and helping other people.

And perhaps his biggest lesson (to me, anyway) was that in order for “it” to get better, “YOU” must get better.

In order to make more money, we have to become more valuable as people. (A goal worth working towards …and often easier said than done.)

The video above contains one of Jim Rohn’s quotes that has always stuck with me. I’ll paraphrase here:

“IT is not too expensive. The problem is YOU cannot afford it.”

When I heard those words it was like being kicked in the ass with a size 15 boot. I realized all the bullshit stories I was telling myself about success and so forth were just that …stories.

And that the only way to really accomplish anything was to work hard, set goals, become a better person, and provide more value to the marketplace than anyone else.

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